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Sherry Destinations Travel

At Sherry Destinations Travel, we are your premier group travel planners. We eliminate the hassle it takes planning and coordinating all the logistics that go into a group travel planning.  We want our group leader to focus on having fun and providing the best travel experience for their guest!

 So why not turn over the planning to the groups experts? 

What does a group planner do?

 From securing and booking , hotel, resorts, cruise space,  flights and transfers, to organizing group tours and activities with trustworthy companies.

With our attention to detail and organizational strength, we make planning a group trip effortless. We will lead you and your group member through the planning process with prompt and clear communications.

We also understand that ever group is different, they have different goals and priorities. We will design custom itineraries to fit your agenda and group interest.

So what special occasions do you have on the horizon? Why not make it a group celebration!!

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